Today I choose…

In spite of the wait. In spite of the unknown. Despite our longing hearts. Despite exhaustion. Because of God’s grace. Because of His mercy. Even though at times we question the system and loathe the tedious processes.
Today, I choose to be thankful.

I am thankful that the Haitian nationals employed at the IBESR work as hard as they do. I am thankful that even though there are piles and piles and files and files of several hundred families to sort through who are waiting for their children – I am thankful that they continue to come to work day after day, to work deeper into the pile until they reach my family’s file and my son’s bio.
I am thankful for their perseverance and for their continued support of US adoptive families – striving to protect the children they are placing.
I am thankful for the Haitian Directors at our son’s orphanage – for their dedication to these orphaned children, for their beautiful hearts that beat with the purpose of caring for those left behind when chaos strikes or times get difficult. I am thankful that my son is in the care of people who love him and feed him and take care of his basic needs while I cannot.
I am thankful that even though the cost is great on this journey both emotionally & physically, and spiritually & financially – God brings blessings and joy to us to keep our hearts full when we most need it.
I am thankful for our adoption agency, America World, for being willing to stand up for families all over the nation – to help us accomplish something that we could not do on our own.
I am thankful for our family coordinator, who works tirelessly to unite her families with their children! She endures parent frustration, country closures, miles of distance to and from Haiti & the states, mountains of paperwork, endless Q&A and so much more – bringing families together in a way that no one else could (save for God’s divine hand upon all of our processes).
I am thankful for moments of peace and contentment among the weeks of the restlessness of waiting.
I am thankful for our three children who never fail to pray for their little brother and continue asking “do we have any updates yet?” Despite the long journey. I am thankful for their compassionate hearts and the lessons that have been learned already about loving those who are different than you. I am thankful for their excitement and the dancing glint in their eyes when they spy a 4-6 year old boy and say “mom! Is that what Little Man will be like?”
I am thankful for a marriage that has been ripped open at the seams and re-stitched into the growing and ever-changing masterpiece that God designed, even when the ripping and stitching was excruciating! I am thankful for the man that God brought to me to love for better & for worse whose commitment to myself and our family humbles me daily. I am thankful that at the end of the day, no matter the season of life – I can be wrapped up in the warmth of his love and the safety of his love.
More than anything – I am thankful for my God, who planted the seeds of hearts of compassion in each of us, who has cultivated our hearts over the years for children in need, who has shaped a space within our family that will be perfectly matched to our new little one. I am thankful for His faithfulness, and His peace when chaos abounds!

In the midst of it all – I choose to be thankful – and in closing, our entire family is thankful for the “extended” family we have surrounding us in the arms and prayers and faces and linked hands of all of you who have and continue to support us throughout this chapter in our story!

Thank you!!!
We hope to have some kind of update soon. As of now, we are still waiting for a formal referral from IBESR, which will allow us to schedule our first 2-week bonding trip to meet our son!


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