Dossier Submitted to IBESR Today!!

WHEW! It feels like a promotion!! 🙂 Climbing the ladder of success to the “next level” in the “company” 😉

Praise the Lord, our Dossier was submitted successfully today to the IBESR (Social Research for the country of Haiti)! From here, we are expected to spend 1-3 months within this organization while they file through every detail of our case and our child’s background/history.

The next news we are waiting for is a phone call or email that says “Would you like to view your referral?” (child match) – which could come anytime within the next few weeks to few months. Due to the age of the child we are adopting (between 4-7 YEARS), we are not expecting a HUGE length of time much longer than 1-3 months…but there are no guarantees with an international system like this.

We are working hard on choosing to rejoice – even when the waiting is hard, and when it will get even harder as the months drag on. We are striving to choose joy, over frustration, and peace and contentment over micromanaging and anxiety. Our family coordinator is going to be VERY thankful for this new mindset! 🙂 We know that the Lord holds our “Little Man” tightly, and I can envision his little hand held firmly and tenderly in the all-encompassing hand of our Father as Little Man waits for us.

Our encouragement to you this week – choose today to find joy in one thing – whether it’s something you do, or something or someone you see, or a feeling you experience – choose to identify it as joy – allow yourself to see the brightness and feel the warmth of your heart recognizing it as joy! May your hearts be full with the wonderment of children’s smiles, cookie sprinkles, brightly colored scarves, poinsettias, glistening snowbanks, the tinkling of a salvation army bell, stripes on a candy cane, the smell of a freshly cut tree, and gingerbread baking! May you give hugs to family and feel dissension and arguments of yesterday fade away, may you give this season with full hearts not expecting anything in return. Don’t shy away from the urge to hum along to Christmas carols playing over the air as you do your shopping – even if you cannot carry a tune! Give a smile and say Merry Christmas, or Happy Kwanza, or Happy Hanukkah or whatever you are celebrating to the people you see – even if they are strangers! Drop off a cup of hot chocolate to the man on the corner or a few extra blankets to the woman under the overpass – Bake and frost some bright, festive cookies and pass them out at the bus stop!

Find joy in giving joy – in bringing it to someone else – find joy in things big and small, from the tiniest spidery frost pattern on your car window to the laughter that ensues when you see the new Winnie-the-Pooh Inflatable snowglobe that your next door neighbor added this year (to the 17 others he already had set up! – remember, not laughing at him, but finding joy in his attempts to enjoy the season!). Consume a Costco size can of Almond Roca and gift one to your Mailman/Mailwoman! (consuming the first will help you have joy in blessing someone else with the same experience!)

Yes, I’m having a joyful day – can you not tell?? However, I’m convinced that I am not always aware enough of the everyday joys that are around me – and that I’m not very quick to recognize joys that are oftentimes disguised as something else (like frustration or trials or inconvenience). So I choose to open my eyes this year – to rejoice even when things don’t SEEM joyful on the outside.

JOY(n) me! (get it, join me?) just kidding. See? Find joy in my horrible joke. Just smile – just for a second! 🙂

Blessings, and Merry Christmas from my family to yours!


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