I’ve had several questions lately surrounding the how-to’s and ins and outs of links for those of you looking for the best way to donate to our adoption fund financially. I did a sweep of our links we had posted and a few were still going to the old pages, so I apologize! It should all be current now.

Right now we have two options for trackable financial donations through the following organizations: (an online-based 501c3 dedicated to doing their part by helping to connect donors to legitimate fundraisers and causes)

~America World Adoption Agency

Each one is a 501c3 non-profit, and monetary donations through each site will be tax deductible, and you will be issued a receipt for your donation from that organization.

The Pure Charity link below will take you directly to our page. PureCharity holds a designated fund in our name for our adoption.

America World Adoption Agency is our adoption agency, and they also hold a designated fund in our name for our adoption costs. The donation through their site is simple, but there are two things you have to remember when making a donation to our fund:

1. Click the “Eternal Family Fund” from the drop-down menu after clicking the link,
(enter your name/address for receipt, enter donation amount, card info, etc.)
2. Type “Kris and Laura McGreevey” in the notes section at the bottom of the form before hitting submit!

These two things will ensure that your donation will be flagged and sorted into our specific fund.
Please note – you should receive a receipt from AWAA within 30 days. If you have not, please contact them to follow-up on your receipt.
If you feel you may have made a donation and forgotten to flag it as “Eternal Family Fund” and forgotten to notate “Kris and Laura McGreevey” in the notes section, please contact America World and ask them to make the necessary changes! Their contact number is: (800) 429-3369
Please be patient with this system – AWAA is doing an amazing thing for all of their families by providing a way for people to donate to their funds via a non-profit. They have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for families by providing this service!

Just wanted to clarify the links and info for anyone left wondering! Thank you to those of you who have been waiting patiently for links to work! Thank you again to everyone who has already been utilizing these programs to join us on our adoption journey!
Laura McGreevey

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