Shop for a Cause

Shop for a Cause at Laura's Stella & Dot Website

Shop for a Cause at Laura’s Stella & Dot Website

I’ve decided to open up shop again, mostly just web-sales based through my personal Stella & Dot website. We have been SO blessed by the fundraising we’ve done so far and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to add another vehicle to raise the additional funds. We’ve got about $10-15,000 left to go! That’s AMAZING considering we started out needing $35-40,000! All commissions generated from jewelry sales from my personal site at Stella & Dot go toward our adoption fund ~ There’s everything from jewelry to bags and tech accessories, and everything ships directly to you! A great company, great product, and that’s all I’ll say because this isn’t a platform for sales, nor is that our purpose for this site!

I’ll keep a button linked on the right hand side of our blog, but I’m not going to continue to post on this subject! So now’s your chance to remember where the links are and find them later! 🙂

Blessings to you all! (BTW there’s black friday deals/sales already on the site – so check it out! You can always put my name as the “hostess” unless you’re shopping for someone else’s show!)

Thanks for listening (this one time) – and shopping for a GREAT cause 🙂




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