Capture My Heart Benefit Auction, in photos & numbers:

Capture My Heart Benefit Auction, Novemer 9, 2013:

Original total number of seats to sell: 128

Number of seats sold: 137

Number of guests in attendance: (approx) 145

Number of Auction items donated to silent auction: (approx) 110

Estimated retail value of donated items: (approx) $12,500

Before the actual event, preparation looked at bit like this:

CMHeart 11-2013_224

gathering donation items…lots of them…over the 6 weeks prior to event date!CMHeart 11-2013_223 photo-1 photo 20130930-205115.jpg 20130930-204946.jpg

The kids working on their Haiti-inspired watercolors for the auction!photo (4) photo (5)

The beginnings of my centerpiece creations! (sorry about the tablecloth, but it was halloween!)
photo (6) photo (7)The middle of my centerpiece creations… (Kris was a little worried that the living room would turn into a sandbox…but I was very good…only broke one glass bowl before auction day! 🙂

Then, Day-Of set up… a mad dash in the two hour time frame we had to set up –

CMHeart 11-2013_270

everyone showed up to help and it was AMAZING – it was like a well-oiled machine –

photo (8) photo (9) photo (12) photo (10) photo (17)absolutely nuts and down to the wire until 15 minutes before doors opened when I looked out and all of a sudden…

photo (11) photo (18) CMHeart 11-2013_225 CMHeart 11-2013_226

It was just done – and it was gorgeous! It is all so surreal now – I wish I could go back and walk through it all again from start to finish!

At 6:30, our bar opened, and my good friends began playing music, Adam Smouse & Tim Downing – who were AMAZING – and our great friend Matt (AKA DJ MATROK) absolutely rocked it! That trio of musicians/DJ was the perfect setup and If anyone is looking for entertainment for an event – let me know and I’ll pass on their info! You won’t be disappointed! 🙂 (shameless plug!)

CMHeart 11-2013_238 CMHeart 11-2013_227 CMHeart 11-2013_267

From that point on – the evening was a blur – but guests started arriving just before 6:30, and they just kept coming until we were pretty much wall-to-wall people with grins and glasses of wine/beer and bid numbers, friends and hearts overjoyed to be a part of this event and stand alongside us! Here are some of the photos from the evening – so sorry, everyone I know it’s not your “best sides” but its all the photos I have! Please send me photos to my email ( if you’ve got photos from the event! I would love to have a copy and post them here to capture this moment!

photo (16) photo (14) photo (15) photo (13) CMHeart 11-2013_266 CMHeart 11-2013_268 CMHeart 11-2013_269 CMHeart 11-2013_264 CMHeart 11-2013_273 CMHeart 11-2013_265 CMHeart 11-2013_263 CMHeart 11-2013_262 CMHeart 11-2013_261 CMHeart 11-2013_260 CMHeart 11-2013_259 CMHeart 11-2013_258 CMHeart 11-2013_257 CMHeart 11-2013_256 CMHeart 11-2013_255 CMHeart 11-2013_254 CMHeart 11-2013_253 CMHeart 11-2013_252 CMHeart 11-2013_251 CMHeart 11-2013_250 CMHeart 11-2013_249 CMHeart 11-2013_248 CMHeart 11-2013_247 CMHeart 11-2013_246 CMHeart 11-2013_245 CMHeart 11-2013_244 CMHeart 11-2013_243 CMHeart 11-2013_242 CMHeart 11-2013_241 CMHeart 11-2013_240 CMHeart 11-2013_239 CMHeart 11-2013_237 CMHeart 11-2013_236 CMHeart 11-2013_235 CMHeart 11-2013_234 CMHeart 11-2013_233 CMHeart 11-2013_232 CMHeart 11-2013_231 CMHeart 11-2013_230 CMHeart 11-2013_229 CMHeart 11-2013_228

And for the results:

Biggest blessing of all – the outpouring of love and support that we were able to experience from family, friends, and also complete strangers – the selflessness and generosity and sacrifice was SUCH an amazing blessing!!

Thank you to everyone who came, everyone who wanted to come, everyone who smothered that evening in prayer, (and good thoughts!), and everyone who put in their time and effort behind the scenes to make this event a masterpiece! If I wasn’t so darn tired right now I’d do it all again just to be able to relive the moments standing next to all of you!

I know you’re all just waiting for numbers… 🙂 so here it is:

We rocked the silent auction with sales of over $9,000 in final auction bids!

Ticket sales ended up just short of $3,000

Cost for our event was also just short of $3,000 (Ticket pricing was designed to cover our costs!)

With the silent auction item sales, and the generous giving of a multitude of people who decided to be a part of something bigger – to stand with us and make a difference with us in the life of ONE –

our total amount going towards our adoption costs from this event (after the event costs) – is…

just over $15,000!!!

Do you all realize that you helped to cover almost HALF of our entire adoption costs in one night??!!!! We are absolutely humbled, amazed, and overjoyed. We have shed many a tear in utter awe of the God who provides – the God who loves His people, who loves “Little Man” so much that He brought all of you together for an evening dedicated to him!

Thank you so much for your offerings, regardless of whether it was time, or money, prayer, or any other way that you have been a part of things –

WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS EVENT WITHOUT YOU – and our Little Man will be home in a short while – because you were willing to step up and stand with us – regardless of whether or not you know us or even like us very much 🙂

Our endless gratitude pours out to all of you – thank you from the bottom of our hearts – and we absolutely cannot WAIT for you all to meet this precious little man that you have already invested so much of your heart and soul into!

We made a video for our event – this is what we showed during the program portion – if you were unable to see it or unable to come – we would love it if you would take a moment to view it!


Kris, Laura, Braeden, Logan, Abby & Little Man (in Haiti)

If you were unable to come to the event and are interested in joining us financially in our journey, we have about $10,000 left to go until we are full covered for all of our upcoming adoption costs! Please consider joining us – you can find more information on the “how you can help” pages, and look for the online donation site through our agency, America World Adoption Agency.

Or simply click this link: (IMPORTANT: you will be directed to a page on our Agency’s website. Please choose the drop down menu for “Eternal Family Fund” and in the notes section please put “Kris & Laura McGreevey” so that your donation is designated to our family’s fund)


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