Are we there yet?

8:18am. Feels like 3:18am. It’s taking everything i have not to chug my cup of coffee and pour my next cup. Actually, that’s not the full truth – the full truth is that I already tried that, and burned my throat. So, patient sips it is.

8:19am. Amazingly enough, there is a fairly short list of things still left to do to prepare for this evening – we had a paper-party of sorts with Kris’ parents here last night as in impromptu just “get it done” evening, very helpful! cutting cardstock, stuffing packets, finalizing process and every half hour or so having someone remark on the sheer number of donations and baskets and such – (it is pretty amazing how it has all come together!). We feel as if we are drowning in Cellophane!! 🙂



Tonight we come together with 134 of our friends and family and even some strangers, to relax, have a glass of wine, and share our journey! The last two months of planning has felt like an absolute WHIRLWIND, and as much as we are anticipating 6:30pm this evening when the doors open – we also cannot wait until we get to fall into bed late tonight and not be planning an auction tomorrow! 🙂

Let me say this – as tough as it has been, it has been fun – and unfortunately for my husband – I feel like I’m pretty good at it – and enjoyed the work! He vowed last night that I’m never allowed to do another auction for the rest of my life…Probably a good decision for the health and safety of my self and my family! 🙂

If you’re the praying kind, we would appreciate your prayers this evening, and over this day as we prepare the final pieces. If you’re not the praying kind – some good thoughts our way would be cherished – and I think it’s safe to say God knows how to translate the language of “good thoughts”!

If you’re just coming upon our blog and have no idea what is going on – please scroll down to the bottom, or pull a post from the archives – and see what this is all about!

In brief – Our family of five is becoming a family of 6, through international adoption. We are adopting a 4-7 year old boy from the country of Haiti – the reason for the age range is that we haven’t yet seen our referral (child match) – even though there is one being attached to our Dossier (5″ stack of official paperwork and documents sealed and approved and certified by several secretaries of State and other government officials). Our Dossier is in Haiti and has been legalized by their Foreign Ministry of Affairs and is being sent on to the IBESR (long French name, Institut du Bien Etre Social et de Recherches) as far as we can tell that’s the Haitian equivalent of the Social Services organization that serves not just small cities or areas but the entire country.

Our Dossier will spend 1-3 months in the IBESR being reviewed and approved, then it will exit that process and we will be issued our official “referral” (child match). This will be a photo of a specific child, a name if he has one, and any background information he has on biological parent (if there are any) and personal medical history (as much as they can uncover).

From that point we will have two weeks to decide if that child is the right fit for our family. When we officially accept the referral, we will go into a scheduling line to schedule our first court date with the Haitian government. We will attempt to time our first trip to Haiti with our first court date. After that initial court date, a second court date will be scheduled with the US Embassy in Haiti which will serve to release our new son from the country and allow him to travel to the US with us. That will be our 2nd trip to Haiti.

Amazing how I summed up that entire process into a few short paragraphs – makes it sounds so easy! 🙂 The agency prepared us for 18-24 months. We are now at month 4, and already at the point in the process that is expected for months 8-10. We are expecting to travel to Haiti for our first trip anytime between December – February/early March! Very exciting, kind of like Christmas – because we never know what to expect 🙂

…now I’m off to make waffles for my three hungry children! This day is a blessing, this evening will be amazing, thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and your help in making all of this journey a reality for us! Bless you all! ~ Laura

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