Progress Update!! New info!

We received this note from our Haiti Family coordinator two days ago…

normally it takes 8 weeks to have a dossier legalized before it can be submitted to the IBESR. However, Aimee (our guesthouse manager) told me she was asked to help submit two more dossiers next Tuesday. I only have two other dossiers in Haiti right now, and yours is one of them. I can’t confirm this yet, but it is possible yours has been expedited through legalization.”

We were trying to keep excitement at bay, and keep our tumbling thoughts in order, as this information wasn’t confirmed yet…but then we received this note this morning:

“Hi Kris and Laura,

“I was just notified by the orphanage director that your dossier is being expedited through legalization with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be submitted to the IBESR next week. This will put you in the position as the other families that have been submitted this week. Before you are submitted to the IBESR, a suggested referral will be matched to your file (I know NOTHING about the referral) and the orphanage will be presenting the child’s information along with your dossier. This is done to avoid the wait that others are experiencing, waiting for the IBESR to match children with families. All the dossiers in your position are expected to be expedited through the IBESR approval process as well. The orphanage expects this process to take one month. Please understand that this is record time for the IBESR and please prepare for a longer wait. We will pray that you will be pleasantly surprised by a shorter wait time.

I know this completely changes your expectations for your adoption with regard to timeframes. I will do my best to keep you updated as things progress. If you are active on our FB page, you will be able to relate to the other families that have been submitted this week. God is moving mountains and I’m excited to see what he has in store for your family.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


…So, your guess is as good as ours as to whether or not we should be really excited by this! 🙂 The timeframe is definitely being shortened and children/families are FLYING through the process at the moment. Our agency hadn’t had any children come home with parents yet from Haiti (some had been waiting almost 2 years since their initial application) and they have brought home THREE of them in the last 6 weeks. This new process that the IBESR and the orphanage directors have hammered out (along with the new legal guidelines and new laws being passed) has seemed to speed up the process a hundred-fold and the Lord has lit a fire in their bellies to get these children home to the US with their new families!
It is amazing! Regardless of whether or not all of this “expected” process that Michelle has given us this morning actually happens as per the “expected” plan, the entire process is moving at record-pace! So, even if we do have to wait a little longer than what they’re thinking, it still doesn’t look like it will be much longer!

We will definitely keep you posted – but to give you an idea of what is actual vs. what was normal: this submission of our dossier to IBESR was not “scheduled” to happen for another 2 months or more! (God seems to be shaving off time right and left! Is there something I don’t know about???) 🙂

Originally when we were talking through the potential idea of putting an Auction together as a fundraiser, we thought we had plenty of time, and were tossing around a 6-month out timeline of mid-March. A good friend of ours sat us down and told us that our process was moving really fast and he really felt like we needed to move up the auction. I thought maybe January, February…but no. He said pretty much NOW. As in, early November. As soon as possible. We thought it was probably smart, at the rate things were going, but I don’t think we really REALLY thought it would matter as much as it may.

If all of this goes as expected in the next month, our Dossier will be submitted and will exit Haiti’s IBESR. (It stands for a really long French institution) At point of exit, there is a $5,000 program fee due. The way the new process is working (and because there are so many children ready to be adopted and waiting for families) the orphanages are attaching a referral to each dossier as it ENTERS IBESR, so that the referral can get approved while it’s at IBESR instead of having to re-route for approval at a later time. The urgency for families to take home their children is huge right now!
However, this brings along another unforseen hurdle, which is that at point of exit from IBESR, those families (like ours) will have a referral already attached that is approved (meaning we, the adoptive parents, can view it). When the adoptive parents receive a referral (child match) to view, we have 2 weeks to decide if we want to accept that referral or send it on to the next waiting family. Upon acceptance of referral, there is a $7,000 fee due.
The issue at hand is that if our Dossier exits IBESR and we accept the referral that is attached to it, we will have a $13,000 fee due immediately. (as in, right before Christmas)
Anyway, long explanation to say – it is really looking like all of this was designed completely to happen as it is – with our Auction coming up, we are hoping to raise over $10,000 in the evening toward our costs. (personally, my “reach-for-the-stars” goal is $25,000 because that is about what we need to finish off our estimated costs! But this would take a lot of moved hearts and specifically cause-minded people!)
God can totally do this – I cannot. And, that’s the point where we are at right now – I have done a CRAZY good job at tackling an auction. We are pretty much sold out of tickets, we have everything booked and donations coming in up the wazoo – I’m completely OCD when it comes to planning and organizing and making sure something happens a certain way.
However, I fully understand that I’m human – and in no way am I God. (my husband sometimes thinks I am, but I have to remind him I may look like a goddess to him, but looks can be deceiving! He is reminded of that every time I say, “You told me you would do that last week!!” and then my eyes roll back in my head and it all goes downhill from there! 🙂
Back to the matter at hand – there are some things that only God can do – and one of them is to actually complete this event at hand. I can only do so much – we can only do so much. And at a certain point we leave the rest in open hands. He knows what we need – and we trust Him to provide.

We’ll keep you posted and post new info as we get it! Please be praying that our Dossier actually does get submitted on Tuesday, and please be praying for swift movement through the IBESR!


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