Touching Base

Hello all!

I feel like I’ve been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, while attempting to roller skate on an ice rink swinging alligators – yeah. Things really feel about that crazy! 🙂 if you can’t wrap your head around that image: headless chicken, roller skates, ice rink, alligators… I don’t blame you!

While we attempt to balance life around here – I feel like I’m constantly dropping plates and shattering them on the floor! (like yesterday when I dropped a large glass bowl from our auction centerpieces on the driveway…big mess…) Things are coming together and righting themselves in a way, with God’s hand ever present, and a steadiness over our lives.

Two weeks ago, we had 55 of 128 seats sold for our Auction (November 9th) and I was very anxious, and found myself praying, “Lord, you led us here – we jumped in with both feet – 55 people is just not worth it to do this huge event! I need you to just TAKE it. I need you to gather up people and sell these tickets, and bring people to this event. I need to not be stressed about numbers anymore this way – I just need You to give me a peace that if I open my hands and let You do this – that You’ll take care of it!”

As of today, I have one table of 8 tickets left, with a small sprinkling of 2-seats around the room. I think I have 23 tickets left unsold and many more people who say they are coming! We just may have to sell standing-room only tickets! 🙂 God is good. He has also blessed us with over $10,000 retail value of donated items for our auction with more coming in daily! An event not to be missed, both to view the blessings of His grace, and also to reap the benefits of those blessings by taking some awesome auction items home!!

Another thing that happened last week was that our Orphanage directors in Haiti met with the government officials, and nailed down a new structure that will help speed the processes along from here on out! We’re still in a little bit of the uphill climb of new procedure but as soon as we all crest the top of the hill, it should be much smoother sailing on the way down! 🙂

At this point we are still waiting to hear word on the status of our Dossier. Our Dossier is being legalized with the lawyers at our Port-au-Prince Orphanage, and then will move on to the next step in the process. Very shortly, we should be assigned a referral that will be attached to our Dossier, however we won’t be able to retrieve any information on it until our Dossier is approved by the IBESR which is (as far as we can tell) Haiti’s equivalent of social services for their country.

We would appreciate prayer most right now for the movement of our Dossier through these next channels. We would also cherish your prayers for our upcoming event, that we would continue to sell our our tickets and that it would be an evening of fun and encouragement for everyone who attends – and that people would be moved to join us in our journey! We are very excited, and are looking forward to spending the evening with everyone!

If you wanted to purchase tickets for the event and haven’t done that yet – I think it’s safe to say that this may be your last chance! 🙂 There are links in the Fundraising tab up above and the “Auction” page to purchase tickets. They are on a first-purchased – basis, so if we get a ton of ticket sales in the next few days, we may need to refund some sales if we run out of tickets. We also have four bistro tables (standing room) that we can use if we run out of seated tickets and guests still want to attend without guaranteed seating.

Thank you so much for following our story, and I will continue to update our process as we move forward!

Oh! Our coordinator also just offered us an opportunity to learn Creole independently via an online group course! This will be a great way for us to establish basic communication with Little Man when the time comes – while he learns English! 🙂



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