Another small step…

We received two very important notices today! The first, was that our Dossier in its entirety, was mailed to Haiti via Fed Ex this morning! (A huge relief for us, because there was an unexpected delay last week!) In adoption process terms, your wait time is usually marked by a beginning date which is your DT- for Haiti, it’s our “DTH”, meaning our Dossier to Haiti, then the date you accept a referral is your “end” date for your wait time. After that it’s a much longer wait, but many times it could take a family 18 mos from their DTH (or DTE -Ethiopia, etc) to their referral date.

Anyway! Our DTH is 10/10/13 – a great date! (Mostly just because that’s today…and not two months from now!) 🙂
The next process from here could be as long as 6 months, but has a tendency to pick up randomly. We found out that we can “receive” a referral attached to our Dossier, but until IBESR (Haiti Govmt) approves our dossier, we cannot see that referral. So it could be awhile still before we hear anything.

The other thing we received today was from Homeland Security! It was our USCIS approval letter – basically as I understand it, it’s the letter that allows our son a visa to get into the US with us from Haiti! Very important. 🙂 it was supposed to take another 6 weeks or so to receive, so we are very happy getting it 6 weeks early! 🙂

Now…we wait. And we enjoy our auction!! Coming up November 9th! See the link to the page above to buy your tickets! We only have about 55 tickets left! Get them while you can!
(I personally know 25 people who are purchasing their tickets this week & next week, so if you’re waiting til the last minute – DON’T! 🙂


One thought on “Another small step…

  1. Dad says:

    This is wonderful! Seems more like a big step to me, but I suppose you’ve had so many steps that by now they all seem small. Thank You God for getting this family to this point – hold them close as the next part of the adventure unfolds.

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