To the Capitol!

Realized yesterday that I forgot a document on my trip to Salem the other day…so now have to make a return trip there next week! (Oh well) 🙂
Today is Olympia (Washington Secretary of State) day! Kris and I will make a super quick run of it and lug all our Washington state notarized & certified documents to be stamped by the Secretary of State.
So excited to be almost done!!

Right now there are no other dossiers on the wait list to be submitted! So we are hurrying through to be the next ones out!

One last thing: we have chosen our orphanage! Our son will be coming from a large orphanage just outside Port-au-Prince, Haiti.This orphanage houses about 100 children and is very easy to work with. They have an open-door policy with our agency and allow frequent visits at the adoptive parents discretion, and love to entertain visitors! We are very excited to continue our process with them!


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