Slow Recovery

My eyes crack open, and the crumbling bits of sleep fall away and I find myself desperately wanting to scoop them all up and pack them tightly back into their nooks and crannies so I can just pretend I never woke up!
We are all moving slowly, aching limbs and throbbing toes, relishing the fact that we don’t have to be on our feet for 12 hours!
However, the blessing “hangover” from our 4-day garage sale fundraiser leaves us quietly, and humbly in bleary-eyed wonder at God’s faithfulness, His amazing love for our family, and His orchestration of hope and compassion within the hearts of strangers among us.
Here are a few stories from our weekend:

A friend and regional manager at Josten’s (supplies senior class rings & graduation gear) donated leftover 2013 sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, & sweatpants to our sale (over 10 boxes of brand-new clothing!) which turned out to be the hot-ticket of the weekend! The most beautiful thing about that gift, though was the people that we were able to pass on blessings to through all of that clothing. It sold like crazy throughout the weekend (we even had people stop by after closing to return to buy more!) but because we had an overabundance, we were able to send a huge cardboard box of brand new clothing with a mother of thirteen children shopping for back-to-school items – free of charge.
We were able to give our leftover four boxes of Josten’s clothing and four boxes of children’s clothing and shoes to a local Romanian woman who has a huge ministry and presence working with orphanages in Romania. She is sending boxes of clothing over to the orphanages for back-to-school and Christmas gifts! It takes 6-8 weeks to ship boxes there, as they travel by train, then by boat, then by another train or if they get lucky, a small plane!

One by one, throughout the weekend, we heard story after story of adoptions, personal life stories, encouragement and were able to share our journey and our story with countless strangers! We even met several people with connections in Haiti or family that had adopted from Haiti!
I had multiple people run up the driveway as we were packing everything in – not to shop, but just to hand me money and say they were so glad I was still there because they wanted to come back and give a gift to our family for the adoption!

There were so many items we had that you all donated that God used specifically to meet the needs of people who came!
You did not only bless our family but your gifts blessed countless strangers around us! Through your generosity, we were able to share our vision and our faith, our hope and our excitement for our new addition, and simply our hearts with a world in need of hope.

We are blown away by the blessings – and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us!

We are still tallying up sales but so far it looks like we have raised close to $4,000 over the four day sale!


~ Laura

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