Going strong!!

So far so good!! Day two and the people keep coming!!
Our garage sale got off to a drizzly start yesterday morning at 9am, and we endured a continual precarious balance between drippy and sun breaks until about 4pm when The Lord let loose the floodgates of heaven (literally) and it downpoured within seconds!
There was a ridiculous amount of screaming and running around in circles while the 6 adults and 12 children (who were there shopping & helping) attempted to throw (again, quite literally) all of our external garage sale tables filled with stuff inside an already packed garage! It was amazing!
We were soaked to the bone within about 45seconds 🙂
We closed early, following the downpour, to regroup & dry out, and then re-opened this morning with sunshine & early morning fresh scent of wet grass! The crowd has been steady and strong, all day long (is that a commercial jingle?)!
So much so, in fact, that we are selling out of stuff!!
Sooooo….if you still haven’t quite cleaned out your garage and have more to bring out for our sale, bring it on over!!!! We have two more days of garage sale fundraiser and we could use it!
Drop it off Tomorrow (Saturday) between 9-4 at our sale address!

Thank you everyone!!! It has been so amazing to be able to share the story of how all of these great items came to be at our garage sale – people are absolutely floored to know that it’s all been donated – YOU ALL ROCK!!!

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