Progress update!

We got great news today, (small step but a great step!) our extra documents needed for home study came through & were approved! Our home study is now in the hands of our family coordinator for final review! Once officially deemed “complete”, we’ll be able to run it down to Salem to get our Oregon documents state certified, and run our Washington documents to the Capitol in Olympia, then our Dossier will all be ready to send in!

I also had the joy of being able to take my girls this morning to meet up with two of the other local families that are adopting from Haiti – both of their families are one step ahead of us in the process (their dossiers just got delivered to Haiti this past week) so I got to ask all my myriad of questions and get some great insight on the processes! We are blessed to have these families in our portland/Vancouver area who can serve as support systems, Q&A forums, and also playmates for our new children who will share the same heritage, and possibly the same orphanage! (Wouldn’t that be amazing??)

We are about to roast our THIRD adoption blend coffee batch – iffy oh haven’t re-ordered, please let us know ASAP so we roast enough! $15/lb it is delicious!!! 🙂 links are to the right of our main page if you click on the image it takes you to the ordering page! (We can ship as well!)

Our preparations for the garage sale are moving quickly, I just bought 3 packages of hundreds of price stickers and I’m afraid I’ll run out! 🙂 please keep sending us your “give aways” and “donate” piles! We appreciate them so much and even if you feel like it’s not much, every piece brings us one step closer to having our new little man home!

We are still brainstorming locations for a possible benefit/fundraiser auction to be held in March (2014), 6 months away! If you have any connections or suggestions for us to pursue, please let us know! Looking for a venue or home that could host about $100 people either for dinner, or for heavy hors d’oeuvres, along with live music (acoustic if in home, or acoustic/band setup if venue). The idea location would be able to either allow us significantly discounted or gifted space, however we will consider other setups as well.

Lastly, just a reminder if you haven’t seen them, on the right hand side of our main blog page, there are links to two beautifully handcrafted necklaces, created exclusively for our adoption story. They are $30, and of each purchase, $12 comes back to our adoption fund from the designer! A great ministry, one that benefits her family and their own adoption story, as well as the families she’s able to create masterpieces for! It’s a great way for family and friends to have a keepsake piece to remember our journey – and I say that collectively – it is Yours, Mine, and Ours – we are blessed to have you all on board!


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