Still accepting items for Garage Sale!

Who would have ever thought that a super messy garage (seriously, it feels like something I’ve seen on the “Hoarders” show!) would be a HUGE blessing in disguise?? Your support and giving are overwhelming! Thank you so much! We have snowboards, entertainment center, portable DVD player, baby stroller, home decor, kids items, many almost-new or brand new in original packaging items – your generosity is endless here, and evident by the growing mountain of bags and furniture 🙂

We are going to continue accepting donations through next week, We will be setting up shop next Thursday morning, and opening at 9am sharp (no early birds, and no pre-selling!) I’ve posted the sale on Craigslist with exact address TBA until morning of, and we are already getting great response! If anyone has tables that they would be willing to loan out, we would love to borrow them – and our house is available for donation drop off area as well as another home in the hazeldell area beginning tomorrow (23rd) so email one of us with questions on that!

Thank you again, and we are looking forward to this event!


One thought on “Still accepting items for Garage Sale!

  1. Dad says:

    Family and friends –

    Take time – 20 minutes should do the trick – to brighten your Labor Day weekend with an incredible opportunity!

    Stop by McGreeveys’ garage sale/adoption fundraiser next Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday [August 29 to September 1]. You’ll not only find wonderful items at great prices, you’ll find yourself feeling wonderful for contributing to this great next chapter in Laura, Kris, Braeden, Logan, and Abby’s lives.

    Oh, and you don’t want to miss to refreshing beverages and homemade treats the girls will have on hand. Shopping as you sip and snack, getting the must-haves and doing it for a more-than-worthy cause – what could be better!

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