Fundraising Beginnings!

It looks like JoAnn Fabrics threw up all over my dining room table…so if we don’t invite you over, it’s probably because there’s straight pins underfoot and your backside would be covered in fraying bits of thread no matter where you sat down!
Our fundraising wheels are beginning to turn! I made mock ups of our labels for coffee beans, and started sewing a “collection” of coffee sleeves to sell alongside! Just one of many patterns are pictured below, but you have to admit while they may be an unnecessary and frivolous thing to purchase, we just might need to add a little pep to our morning coffee routine – and they are a heck-of-a-lot more interesting (and reusable!) alternative to the cardboard sleeve 🙂
We had two local businesses right in our neighborhood express their interest in selling/brewing our coffee yesterday, especially when they heard of the cause behind it – so that’s exciting!
We will continue to keep everyone updated on when coffee is ready for purchase – should be another week or two and we’ll have the first round of bags up and ready!
Thank you so much for your continued support!
~ Laura




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