It’s kind of a lot…when we say “a lot” of paperwork, it really is “a lot”…
We ran into some good friends last night after dinner and they were asking about the process, and every time we’d get through explaining a step, the question would pop out, “and then you get to bring him home?” Seemed like our answer was always, “nope, THEN we go onto step ___!” This happened at least five times! 🙂
Now that we are “in it” – If we stop to think about all of it things can be very overwhelming! However if we just keep plugging away a little bit at a time, it’s manageable.
So far we haven’t had any trouble gathering any of the paperwork – our longest wait will be waiting for our “references” to write their official letters of reference! (So hurry up, if that’s you!!!) 🙂
We are blessed to have both been born in Oregon or Washington, so obtaining birth & marriage certificates was very easy which can sometimes take awhile! Our banks are close by with notary available, and due to his many trips in for business, Kris has a great relationship with them and they are happy to help us with whatever!
Our amazing family practice doctor blessed us so much by allowing all FIVE of us to be seen for physicals in one day, rushing our blood tests and lab results, and staying at the clinic 45 minutes beyond closing just to make sure we were taken care of!
We have been floored by the amount of prayer and well wishes and excitement we see in those surrounding us, and cannot wait to continue on this adventure with you all!

Below is a picture of our massive binder of paperwork, documents, letters, notarized statements, etc. just to put it into perspective! 🙂




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