Family Coordinator, Check!

Heard from our Family Coordinator this morning – (isn’t it Saturday?? I like how these people work!) 🙂 She sent us the entire 8-attachment file that details everything we will need in terms of documents from here on out. I’m feeling completely overwhelmed at the moment, just printing it all out! My file folder for “adoption” that was once small and neat and tidy, is now bursting at the seams and wants to swallow us whole! However, it is what we signed up for, and (in theory) we just take it one step at a time, right? Well, anyone who wants to help, start putting your name on a list and I’ll delegate paperwork! 🙂 just kidding…kind of…okay, yeah. Not really kidding at all. It’s literally a TON. pages and pages of documents and notaries needed and exams and evaluations and financials, and sign here and date here and go to the ends of the earth to find this piece of paper or this or that signature.

Kris and I are absolutely encouraged that it has been three weeks and we are already to this stage – hopefully it means the process will move fast…but I think that’s in all honesty wishful thinking!

What we could use now – any information or recommendations on Adoption grants or Aid forms that we could pursue! I have found several that look possible, but if anyone knows of anything obscure that we could apply for, or has any other ideas, please let us know!

We could use help brainstorming some fundraiser ideas! Our ideas so far:

Garage sale, Coffee Roasting, Auction

Thanks so much for all your support and prayers! We appreciate you all!




One thought on “Family Coordinator, Check!

  1. Sheri Ludlam says:

    So excited for you guys! I know exactly what you mean about all the paperwork…I wish we were in the same state so that I can guide you in some ways, but I know every state has little minor differences. Many people describe adoption as a hurry up and wait process…lots to do at the beginning and then a lot of waiting. I hope it is not too long of a wait for you though! I’ll let you know if I have any ideas on grants. I may have a small list that I got from a coordinator at the agency I work with. I am looking forward to seeing you soon and getting to hear about your first social worker meeting. I hope you have a good social worker 🙂

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