New look for our site!

A little more fun for our family, a little more interesting for you 😉 same basic info, but we’ve added an instagram sampling of our family’s candid photos on the sidebar, and will continue updating small things here and there.

Upcoming Fundraiser teasers: An “Adoption Roast” of sorts – home-roasted coffee beans from our kitchen to yours – we’re trying to get our hands on a large supply of green beans from Haiti! Kris and Braeden are expert (okay, they think they are experts, and my tastebuds tend to agree!) roasters, we roast our own coffee beans at home, currently from a supply of Ethiopian, Nigerian, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, etc. Our supplier thinks he can find us some beans from Haiti that we can roast for anyone who wants to order whole bean coffee – we’ll keep you posted!

This past weekend we took an entire day and decided to make an adventure of it – so we packed an entire cooler full of picnic lunch, and every snack in our pantry and piled the kids in the car. We hit Fort Vancouver, Bonneville Dam, Wahclella Falls, and a pit stop for ice cream cones at Mike’s in Hood River. Before heading home, we unloaded our picnic blanket and ate dinner on the Vancouver Waterfront…we had a nice discussion about names for our new Little Man…let me just say we have some creative children! I think we all agreed that Hugo Cabret McGreevey is a no-go, as is Kellen Heller McGreevey (the second was Logan’s response to me saying, “what about Kellen?” to which she responded with “Yeah! Like Kellen Heller – you know the blind and deaf girl!” – which caused an absolute fit of laughter from Kris, Braeden and I, who knew she meant “Helen Keller”, but Abby decided to continue laughing hysterically, apparently because she just thought Kellen was a funny name.)

As for an update on progress of sorts, due to the holiday weekend, we’re assuming that our signed agreements are just crossing the intake desks today or tomorrow, so hopefully by mid-week we’ll have confirmation of proceeding beyond this point!

We would absolutely LOVE to hear from any of you, so please feel free to comment or send us messages – those of you who know us well have our emails, text info, snail mail info, etc.! Our email inbox has been strangely empty, as has our voicemail following our newscast to family… 🙂

Love you all, and we hope to have more info for you soon!


4 thoughts on “New look for our site!

    • Yup that’s the plan. Actually the plan is to keep whatever Haitian name he already has as a middle name, but it kinda depends on what it is. In some of the orphanages, they teach Haitian Creole & English, and sometimes it is Haitian Creole and French…so we’ll see 🙂

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