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FYI – friendly disclaimer here – as I’ve already received questions…LOL No, the adorable baby in the banner photo is not ours! We won’t have a face to attach to the child in our hearts for a long while yet…much further in the process. But it doesn’t lessen the excitement or the small child-shaped space that is growing inside of us! Now that we are officially on our journey, it is becoming more real as we begin to wrap our heads around the fact that there is a little boy out there just waiting for us to find him! Our kids have a little brother they haven’t met yet, and we can’t wait to meet him!

Don’t forget to sign up for email updates & follow our family blog for updated info on our process. Also, there is a menu bar up at the top of the page with more pages for info on this journey! We’ll be adding sections as time goes on, so check back frequently for new pages & info! Much love to you all! Thanks for your support and prayers, we are blessed beyond measure with the amount of excitement in your eyes and your voices as we share this adventure with you!


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