And so we begin…

June 21, 2013
After many years of “we really should…”, comes the day of “we really are!” Our family has decided to open our arms, hearts, & home to a new child! Today we officially filed our application for adoption with America World Adoption Agency ( Within 10 business days, we should be receiving a phone call letting us know if our application was accepted, or if they need more info to process. From there the journey really begins – and a long one it may be!
We decided to adopt from Haiti (if they will have us – apparently their government is picky!), and we will be waiting on pins and needles for a little boy, between the ages of 2-7. Our kids are VERY excited about having a new brother, but the extended patience required to wait is going to drive them batty!
From the limited information we have been given so far, the estimated wait between now and the day we bring him home can be as long as two years! We are praying for shorter timeframe, but we also leave everything in the Lord’s hands – much safer that way!
More details to come, and we will do our best to keep the progress updated as well as our own journal of sorts to share.
We appreciate your prayers and thank you for embarking on this journey with us!


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